常見問題|General FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

How can we help you?

1. 我可以選用哪種付款方法?What payment do you accept?

我們接受以下信用卡付款:Visa、American Express、MasterCard 和 PayPal。 

如果您位於香港,您可以通過PayMe、轉數快(轉數快:55880021)或在任何香港匯豐銀行的分行入數付款。 請注意,如希望通過PayMe或入數付款,目前我們只接受使用港幣付款。

We accept the following major credit card payment: Visa, American Express, MasterCard, and PayPal. 

If you are located in Hong Kong, there are three more payment methods available. You can pay by PayMe from HSBC Hong Kong or FPS (FPS: 55880021) or by bank deposit in any branch of HSBC Hong Kong. Please note that currently we only accept HKD for PayMe and HSBC bank deposit payment.

2. 你們支援海外送貨嗎?Where do you deliver to?

我們為 blackpinkfigure.com 上的所有產品提供全球送貨服務。 訂單通常在到貨後 3 個工作日內發貨。

在新冠肺炎的嚴重情況下,由於某些國家的郵政服務暫停,我們會暫停向某些國家/地區免費送貨。如果您希望提早收到包裹,我們可以通過 DHL Express 或 FedEx 為您的訂單安排運輸,但客人需支付額外費用,如果你需要此服務請聯繫我們為您安排。 如果您願意等候較長的發貨時間,我們將會在郵政服務恢復後立即安排您的發貨。 請通過 info@ta-collection.com 、致電或 Whatsapp +852 57446229與我們聯繫,以查看您所在國家/地區的運輸安排。 我們在這裏為您提供幫助。

We offer worldwide delivery for all the products on blackpinkfigure.com . Orders are normally dispatched within 3 business days.

*Special Arrangement on Free Shipping (due to the Coronavirus):
Under the serious situation of Coronavirus, free shipping to certain countries is temporarily suspended due to suspension of postal services in receiving countries. Alternatively, we can arrange shipment via DHL Express or FedEx for your orders at an additional cost. If you prefer to receive the parcel at an earlier time, please contact us, and we will arrange for you. If you are open to wait for a later shipment, we will arrange your shipment as soon as the postal service resumes. Please contact us at info@lexuma.com or on +852 57446229 for checking the shipping arrangement of your country. We are here to help you out.

3. 我可以如何追踪訂單?How do I track my orders?


After the order is processed, you will be provided with a courier name and tracking number to notify you that orders have been shipped and for you to track your shipment anytime.

4. 我可以取消訂單嗎?Can I cancel my orders?

所有訂單都會自動處理,並在下單後儘快發送。 如果你的訂單還在處理過程中,我們會盡可能幫你取消訂單,但一旦進入運輸流程,就無法取消。 請參閱我們的換貨及退貨政策

All orders are automatically processed and sent for shipment as soon as they are placed. It may be possible to cancel your order during processing but once it moves to the shipping process, it cannot be canceled. Please refer to our Exchange And Return Policy page.

5. 如何更改訂單?How can I change my order?


如果您在下訂單後想減去產品數量,將被視為「部分取消」,您將收取其取消貨品金額的 10% 作為取消費用,請參閱我們的換貨及退貨政策

If you want to add more items to a processed order, we suggest you simply make a new order on our website.

Otherwise, if you want to subtract the product quantity after your order is placed, it will be considered asPartial Cancellationreferring to our Terms and Conditions. Please note that 10% of your cancelled amount will be charged as a cancellation fee. Please refer to our Exchange And Return Policy.

6. 我何時能收到已下單的貨品?When can I receive my order?


Please refer to our Shipping Policy.

7. 我需要開設一個帳戶才能購物嗎?Do I need to set up an account to shop?


It is optional to register an Account. Once you login, your customer's details will be stored and be pre-filled when you checkout on your next visit.

8. 星期日和公眾假期會否提供送貨服務?Is the delivery service provided on Sunday and public holidays?


Sorry, we do not provide delivery service on Sunday and public holidays.

9. 派送服務會否受到極端天氣的影響?Will the delivery be affected by extreme weather on the delivery date?

如果遇到極端天氣,送貨服務可能會停止,到貨日期可能會延遲。 欲了解更多運輸詳情,您可以直接聯繫船公司或通過 info@ta-collection.com 或 +852 57446229 聯繫我們的客戶服務。

In the event of extreme weather, all delivery services might be stopped. Please expect a possible delay in such circumstance.  For more shipping details, you can directly contact the shipping companies or our customer services via info@ta-collection.com or +852 57446229.

10. 如果發現我的產品有問題,我該如何更換?How do I exchange my product if it is damaged?

我們會盡最大努力確保我們交付給您的產品的品質。 如果您收到的產品有缺陷或損壞,請聯繫我們並提供證明,我們會為你安排換貨手續, 如沒有能替換的產品,我們會退款到您的帳戶。

We do our best to ensure that the products we deliver to you are of a high quality. If you have received a product with a defect or damage, please contact us and provide evidences. We will then arrange the exchange procedures for you. Where a replacement product is not available, your account will be credited.